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VW Cabriolet 1.8 Petrol

I am selling this cabriolet on behalf of my sister.

It was bought over 4 years ago (approx 2010) in order for her to use as a second car during the summer, which sadly hasn’t been the case. She currently no longer has the time or finances to keep it running. I am selling this as a complete car and I do not have the time to break.

The car has been sat out under shelter for some time and is currently in the open awaiting sale. It comes as seen in the pictures with the spare set of alloys which it originally came with and cover for the soft top for when the soft top is down. The soft top had been changed shortly after it was purchased. The P-Slots wheels will also come with the car. The P-Slots were meant to have the stretched tyre look but this has been fairly unsuccessful as far as I can tell, hence the flat tyres. The car did come with a body kit but my sister wanted the car as you see it now. Not sure how much if any of the body kit is available (might be lying around somewhere) but it will also be included in the sale if I can find any.

It has a complete leather interior which is best described as well used. The interior is dry (shockingly). There is no parcel shelf currently (not sure if there was one or not). Aftermarket car stereo (can’t remember brand).

The car has no MOT or Tax. It is indicating 173,194 miles, which I believe to be genuine. I am not sure how much history is with this vehicle as my sister may have some. The V5 is currently held by my sister

The car did run, but has not been started for some time now. I do have a spare working battery which should fit in the car (removed out of a working diesel car) and will sell with the vehicle. I will try to get the car started next week to prove the engine once i have received the immobiliser fob. The fuel will have been standing a while too so not sure of its condition.

Once started and run around the block I cannot think of a reason as to why this vehicle wouldn’t pass an MOT with little input. In present state the car should be towed away

Some of the suspension components had been powder coated black such as lower arms, rear axle, etc. I have not taken pics of these but I can do. These were completed by my sister and me. We also did some maintenance on the vehicle, such as refurbing the brakes, replaced carb to manifold gasket, got the headlights working properly.

Overall the car is fairly solid. It does have some dings here and there, and the body is by no means immaculate. SOme rust has been removed and primered (rear nearside quarter/seem)

There are more pictures to see, please email me and I shall send them to you.

All are welcome to come and look. It is currently located at HMS Collingwood PO14 1AS.

My phone number is 07891 983244, if I do not answer please leave answer phone message or text for me to call you back.

Ryan Aspin
Telephone no.
07891 983244

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