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1989 Scirocco GT £800 ono Southampton

Mileage: 171571
MOT:None see below
Current owner: Me
V5 present: Yes
Location: Southampton
Price:£800 ono

Additional Information:
The car has been off the road for 6 years and now needs to go to somebody who can appreciate and use her. My grand plans to use her again are not going to happen.

Overall the car’s body work is not that bad in my opinion – various bits of rust in different places but no holes. The bonnet is the worst. The car is Helios Blue, fitted with Oz alloys and Weber carb.

I have owned the car since February 2004. In that time, prior to being taken off the road, car was serviced annually. Bulkhead plate has been welded in where the cable comes through.
At 147060 miles (2007) clutch, brakes, camshaft belt, exhaust system all replaced. The complete exhaust system has been replaced with a stainless steel Supersprint system including manifold.

In May 2006 all four springs replaced with 25mm lowered ones. My recollection is that one rear broke soon after fitting and GSF replaced the spring set. I then had the two springs at the rear replaced which is why I still have 2 spares and these are included in the sale. Recent MOT has identified a broken offside rear spring. No idea how or why as it was ok when the car came off the road.

At 118362 (2004) miles both rear dampers replaced.

Car was bought by me with an original VAG Service Schedule book which shows annual service stamps from 1990 – 1997. I made enquiries with and obtained a service history from a previous garage which shows service history for 2002 and 2003. There are bills etc.. to show all the work documented above.

Recently put in for MOT to get an idea of what is needed – Advisory Sheet available
Alternator, fanbelt and battery replaced to get her running again. Needs various light bulbs replaced. Coil spring broken offside rear (2 replacements included in sale). Steering rack gaiter split off side. Brakes need an overhaul and four tyres required (as a result of sitting for so long). Advisories are – fuel tank and pipes corroded, suspension component mounting prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive both nearside and offside rear.

Will need a full service and interior cleaned – bit mouldy. Has the usual split in the dash. One front headlamp has a crack in it.

Original Scirocco Instruction Manual and Haynes manual. Car is fitted with a Moss security alarm.

I took the car off the road as it was not running right. My best description is that it was lumpty and stuttering. Various checks made but no solution found at the time. Since getting her running again she seems to be idling a bit fast. I drove her to the MOT station and back about 10 miles round trip. I was doing about 36 miles a day up and down a motorway. Then my job location changed and a bicycle was a more appropriate form of transport. What was meant to be a short spell off the road turned into 6 years. I have been honest in my description and happy to answer any questions. Viewing recommended. I am happy to have a discussion about the price. My mechanic is a personal friend and so I get a good honest view about the car.

I have other spares which I plan to list separately including headlights and a brand new Weber carb. I also have a light brown leather interior seats only. Before advertising these parts I will give whoever buys the car the opportunity to buy these bits first.

More photos available.

£800 ono
Dave McKeeman
Telephone no.

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